Wasdless is a one-man-band game dev studio in Rome, Italy. The studio is focused on develop games for all mobile platforms with high replay value as primary design choice, so don’t expect to find a story driven videogame here, but something more like a tabletop game experience, my intent is to give you toys to play with, how and where you want!

It’s all ok but what mean wasdless? W A S D are the commons keys combination to play a game with the keyboard as default controller. I develop specially for touch screen interfaces so is nice to say that i develop WASD-less games!

Staff of “Wasdless“:

– Miro De Carolis (Founder – Game Designer – Coder)

Currently I have released my first digital family board game Dedaloop on major mobile stores as Apple App Store , Android and Amazon Appstore. I’m now working on more projects, the biggest one is “Avoid ‘Em All” an universal shi-fi rogue-like, you can view some videos around here.